Do Not Disturb the Patrons, Please.

So I haven’t been posting much for a while.  There are multiple reasons for that, one is that I am writing some for another site, but I only do that on the weekends, so that is kind of a paltry excuse.  The bigger reason is that I just have not felt like posting.  This season so far has not given me much motivation to blog.

I can’t explain it exactly, but this season feels to me like working everyday in a library checking out books.  You sit around a lot while people read or do other stuff, and once in a while you get a customer to help, but mostly you just sit there and stare out into the vastness of the stacks, or maybe you read something or daydream.  I worked in libraries throughout college and law school, and sometimes now I substitute for the librarian at the high school where I substitute teach.  I know whereof I speak.

Sure, there have been exciting games, the first game in the Pirates series at PNC last week, the one where Waino hit the game winning double, that was pretty dang exciting.  This season has had its moments, but I haven’t felt that anticipation of the division race or the postseason.  The Cubs are running away with the division, and yeah maybe the Cardinals will get into the postseason as a wild card, but that doesn’t excite me a whole lot.

I still watch almost every game, I really love baseball just for itself, and I love the Cardinals even more.  However, I still feel like I am working in a library, a place in which I generally feel very comfortable, as I love books, but still a place that doesn’t get the adrenaline going, if you know what I mean.

This team is plodding along, winning games and then losing some, many of them in frustrating fashion.  The manager continues to annoy me to no end, but I don’t expect that to ever not happen, and I have exhausted my level of outrage over his dumbassery (not a word, but who cares).  It’s not like anything I say in this blog is going to suddenly make the bright light come on in the dim bulb of Matheny’s brain.  He is still going to let the pitcher bat when he shouldn’t, he is still going to play Stephen Piscotty in center field where he doesn’t belong, he is still going to do all those things that make me want to toss something hard in his general direction.

So I just keep watching and waiting, keep reading to see how the novel ends.  I am not inspired enough to write about any of it though.  Sorry dear readers, but I can’t force it.  Perhaps when the trade deadline comes around or something else happens that gets my writing juices flowing there will be more content.

Until then, I will be in the library.



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  1. blingboy

     /  July 16, 2016

    That was a nice game Waino pitched tonight. I hope you got to watch it.



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