An Underwhelming Offseason

The new season is set to start in a couple of weeks, and it has seemed, at least to me, to have been a very long offseason.  Other obligations have kept me away from the blog for most of it, but the specter  of the new season begs to me to return and take up the keyboard once more.

One of the reasons the offseason has seemed interminable, is the lack of anything resembling excitement about the results of it.  There has been for the last several years a reason to be excited about the coming season, due to intriguing acquisitions by GM John Mozeliak to the Cardinals roster for the coming season.  Last season it was the Jason Heyward trade that gave me something for which to look forward.  The prior season it had been the trade of David Freese for Peter Bourjos and Randal Grichuk.  Neither of those two trades ultimately worked out the way I had hoped they would (I am less excited about Randal Grichuk than most) but the ultimate result doesn’t diminish what I felt at the time.

This offseason, however, has been, to put it mildly, as dull as dishwater.  What started out as dreams of a Jason Heyward extension and perhaps David Price as a Cardinal, has fallen as flat as a wad of gum under the wheels of a bulldozer.  I can’t recall a Hot Stove season of recent memory that was as disappointing as this one.

It was bad enough that David Price was snatched out of Mozeliak’s grasp at the last minute by the Burglars of Boston, but to add insult to injury, Jason Heyward spurned my beloved team for our hated rivals, the Cubs.  I won’t even go into what he said as he walked out the door.

Instead of rallying by making other compelling acquisitions, Mozeliak instead provided Cardinals fans with a succession of underwhelming additions to the 2016 roster.

First there was Jedd Gyorko.  Acquired from the Padres for Jon Jay (that had to hurt for Matheny), Gyorko is meant to be in the Daniel Descalso mold, but with some pop.  Gyorko IS pretty much Daniel Descalso, not much with the glove, doesn’t hit a lot, just has a little more power when he does.  I was never a fan of Jon Jay, but I think it was an unequal trade.   Underwhelming option #1.

Then, after the disappointing loss of David Price, Cardinals fans get……Mike Leake.  Yep, that former Reds rotation member, famously known for purloining some T-shirts  from a department store, which spawned a cool T-shirt owned by some Cardinals fans (I confess I own one).   To be fair, no charges were filed and it was a misunderstanding, apparently.  Leake isn’t bad, he is certainly an innings eater, but he is, (yes, you guessed it), underwhelming option #2.

Finally, with only weeks to go before Opening Day, the Cardinals get Ruben Tejada.  A shortstop discarded by the Mets and picked up after no one claimed him off of waivers.  The reasoning is simple, Jhonny Peralta is injured and lost until June at the earliest, and Greg Garcia and Aledmys Diaz apparently don’t excite Mr. Mozeliak.  If Ruben Tejada does, well Mr. Mozeliak should, in my opinion, get out more.  Tejada is not the worst shortstop in baseball, but he may be one of the more c0ma inducing ones.  Anyone remember Pedro Feliz?  No?  Well, you get my point. (Feliz wasn’t a shortstop, but work with me here).

Ruben Tejada is underwhelming option #3.

Well, that’s the end of this rant.  I need a nap.


Thank you  for reading.




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