It’s Just Getting Started

Day 4 of the MLB regular season has come and gone, and the Cardinals have played 2 games.  With an off day on Monday after the opening game on Sunday, and then a weather postponement on Tuesday (weather that didn’t materialize), the Cardinals played their second game against the Cubs on Wednesday afternoon. Game #2 didn’t end so well, not as well as Game #1 did on Sunday night.

Starting pitcher Lance Lynn looked sharp up until the 7th inning.  Lynn struck out 9 and walked only one, while giving up only 2 hits, a triple to Jorge Soler and an RBI single to Starlin Castro.  Though the Soler triple was ugly, aided by a poor route to the ball by Jon Jay and a weak throw (what else is new), Soler was thankfully left stranded.  What happened in the 7th inning is another story.

Lynn started off the 7th by hitting Anthony Rizzo with a pitch.  Rizzo is not a huge threat to steal, and he didn’t have a very large lead off the base.  So why Lynn threw over to first is a mystery to me.  Generally, throw overs to 1st base are called by the dugout and signaled by the catcher.  If Matheny called the attempted pick off, I am at a loss to understand why.  Nevertheless, Lynn threw to first, threw it wide, and the ball sailed past Matt Adams.  Rizzo advanced into scoring position easily.  Lynn then preceded to throw a hanging slider to Starlin Castro, who tattoed it over Jhonny Peralta’s head into left field, whereby Matt Holliday threw the ball into the infield to a cutoff man who was nowhere to be found. Rizzo scored easily.  Because of the Holliday throw to nowhere, Castro was able to advance into scoring position.  A sac bunt moved Castro to third, and a sac fly brought him home. putting the Cubs up 2-0.

Had the Cardinal offense been able to make any headway off of Jake Arrieta, things might have been different.  The Cardinals managed all of 3 hits, one of them coming from Lynn, and none of them scoring runs.   By the bottom of the 9th, it looked like the Cardinals hitters wanted to get the hell out of Dodge, as both Jon Jay and Yadier Molina swung at the first pitch for outs.

It was only the second game of 162, so the loss is not a big deal (at least for me).  But I do have some thoughts to share.

Lynn pitched a very good game, despite the error on the throw to first.  Anyone who says   different is just picking nits or is a chronic complainer.  Unfortunately there is a lot of that in Cardinal Nation, more so than there should be.  It seems among some fans that the entitlement is so strong that perfection is demanded.  That’s not an enjoyable way to watch baseball.  It’s also annoying as hell for those of us forced to listen to it.

Next thought is that two games is no indication of how the offense is going to perform this season.  Today looked a lot like what we have seen before, granted, but it is too early for panic.  Baseball has it’s ups and downs, and under the circumstances, with two idle days between games and not so habitable weather to play in, the results were nothing to be concerned about.  It isn’t like the Cubs looked all that great either; an error, some defensive miscues, and a little bit of luck were responsible for the Cubs only two runs.

Once the season gets well under way, and the weather cooperates, I suspect things will look much better.  Cardinal Nation needs to get it’s whining under control and let the season play out.

Let’s play ball.



Thank you for reading.

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  1. I am about over MM and his reckless reasons especially the playing of Grichuk who if anything deserves better than this…. fatal flaw



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