Playoff Thoughts and Ruminations

This post is a little delayed.  I have some family issues going on that will keep me from posting as often as I would like.  I don’t know how many games I will be able to see for the rest of the postseason, but I will keep up as best I can.

I didn’t see the last game of the NLDS.  I have watched highlights and I have a general idea of what went on.  What stands out to me is the proliferation of home runs in these playoff games.  It seems almost as if the offense has been sandbagging all season, doesn’t it?  Well, even if that were true, I hope they keep up the offense, it is surely going to be needed.

Matt Carpenter has been a beast.  He has an ability to turn it on when he needs to that I have not seen much.  I really think the guy has been a treasure.  He certainly gives the opposition fits, which is quite a weapon to have.  Clayton Kershaw probably never wants to see him again in his life.

I have made no secret that I intensely dislike Mike Matheny.  However, he has so far not screwed things up as much as I feared.  He seems to have let up (for now) with all of the interference and has let his players just play.  I am not entirely pleased with his lineup choices, but as long as they win, I will keep my complaints to a minimum.  Not having to put up with Daniel Descalso starts has kept me calmer.

Playing the Giants has me quite nervous, considering the Cardinals’ past experience with them in playoff games.  What might appear to be a lesser team has a Cardinal-like ability to take it to another level in the playoffs.  Their offense is not scary by any means and their pitching, outside of Madison Bumgarner, is not particularly imposing.  That doesn’t mean this series will be easy.  This is the team that took the Washington Nationals, considered  by many to be the best team in baseball (on paper, at least), to the woodshed in 4 games.  Of course the Cardinals did the same to the Dodgers, another on-paper superior team.  I think these two teams match up quite well, which will make it an interesting series.

The weather forecast has quite a bit of rain in it for the next several days.  I haven’t heard what the contingency plans are for rain outs in this series.  The possibility of rain outs could prove key to the pitching rotations of both teams.  If either or both of the first two games are rained out it might get interesting.

However it all turns out, I can not help but smile at the idea that all of the “powerhouse” teams in the playoffs have been eliminated (unless you put Baltimore in that category.   I don’t).  It must  be making the national media crazy that all of the big market teams and media darlings are gone.

As for the proliferation of Cardinal hate, I will say what I have said all along.  It doesn’t matter.  I ignore it all.  Please understand, Cardinal Nation, that you feed it when you pay attention to it and respond to it.  The teams that play the best are the ones that make it, and if there are teams that just play better in the playoffs, well so be it.   There are no rules that say the same teams can’t be in the playoffs every year.  Baseball is not a socialist institution.

It’s a great time to be a baseball fan.  GO CARDS!

Thank you for reading.

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  1. blingboy

     /  October 10, 2014

    The one single thing that would help most would be for Wainwright to have a dominating performance in game one. I hope he is healthy.



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