Mathenaging: Post It Note Edition

It was a beautiful win.  Kudos to Tony Cruz.  The Cardinals needed this win.


This is going to be a short post.  The Cardinals won the game and so all is well.  No, it’s not.  That game was the poster child of Mike Matheny‘s bad managing.  It was the poster child for how the Cardinals win games in spite of their manager.

In the bottom of the ninth, Yadier Molina hit a double in the gap.  The winning run was in scoring position.  Molina was pinch run for with Thomas PhamPeter Bourjos came up to bat with a man in scoring position and no outs.  Pham is a fast runner and could have scored on any single out of the infield.  Bourjos is batting .314 in the month of September.  Mike Matheny calls for Bourjos to bunt.

Yes, bunt.

Of all the boneheaded, moronic decisions, this one wins the award.  Give up a precious out, with no outs already, to move a runner from one base to another when he could have scored the winning run from the base he was already on.  Brilliant.  NOT.

After Bourjos squared to bunt, the Brewers were in control.  Knowing what he was going to do, they wisely threw him curve balls, pitches that are extremely hard to bunt.  After Bourjos failed to get the bunt down on two of those curve balls, you would have thought with two strikes the bunt would be called off.  Well you would be wrong.  When the Brewers saw that he was actually going to try to bunt again, time was called to change the sign for the pitch.  Throw another curve ball, of course.  Of course, Bourjos missed it, fouled it off and struck out.  Bourjos failed there, it was badly done.  No argument.  However, it was a play that should never have happened.

Here is what the genius, Matheny, had to say about it after the game.  From the Post Dispatch :


Got to do it right there. Got to. Got to get the bunt down. That’s the play.”


No, Mike, that wasn’t the play.  It sure as hell wasn’t the play after two strikes.  Good job throwing your player under the bus for your stupidity.

The Cardinals won this game by the skin of their teeth, but they may not be so lucky again.  Dumb decisions like this one could prove costly down the road.

This kind of thing makes me furious.  That is all.



Thank you for reading.

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