UCB Project: Bloggers Play Ball

As a member of the United Cardinal Bloggers I from time to time participate in monthly “projects” with other bloggers.  This is one such project.  The assignment is to put together a lineup (or roster, if one prefers) of a team made up of UCB bloggers.  Now, I don’t know many of the bloggers in the UCB, nor, I must confess, have I read all of the member blogs.  I follow a number of the bloggers on Twitter, so what I know about them comes strictly from interactions there.  I have never actually met any bloggers in person, as I have been unable to attend any of the annual bloggers weekends that occur each baseball season.  So for this project I have put together a lineup of bloggers on just a small modicum of information about them and their blogs.  It’s rough, but here it is.


Lead off:  Eliza (last name unknown)  “A Blog of Their Own”  in LF

The lead off hitter should be quick and on the ball (and base).  Eliza is quick-witted, and pulls no punches.  Many of us female bloggers are that way, perhaps it comes with being a sports blogger in a predominantly male world.  Eliza knows what she means, and says what she means.  I put her in left field because the strength of her mind reminds me of the strength of her Cardinal counterpart, Matt Holliday.

Batting Second:  Christine Coleman “Aaron Miles Fastball” at 2B

I believe the hitter in the 2 hole must be someone who can be trusted to get on base in front of the heavy hitters.   Christine and I have been in agreement about many issues this season, so she is someone that I wouldn’t hesitate to rely on to get the job done.  I put her at second base because although Aaron Miles is well known for his heroics in taking one for the team on the pitcher’s mound in out of hand games, Miles was predominantly a second bagger.

Batting Third:  Bob Netherton “On the Outside Corner” at 3B

This spot belongs to a power guy, one who can knock it out of the park.  Bob is the guy who does this on a daily basis with his profound knowledge of the history of Cardinal baseball, his humor, and his ability to get to the heart of the matter.  You won’t find a more knowledgeable guy about baseball than Bob.  Bob and I both grew up on Cardinal baseball and got to know it in the same era, the 60s.  I put Bob at 3B in recognition of that era and of the Cardinal icon from that era, Mike Shannon.

Batting 4th (Cleanup):  Daniel Shoptaw “C70 at the Bat” at Catcher

This spot belongs to your best heavy hitter, and no one in the Cardinal blogger universe exemplifies that better than our fearless leader, Daniel.  Daniel makes it all work, and is our “field general’.  That is why he is my catcher, my Yadier Molina.  Daniel works harder than anyone and is tireless in the amount of time (innings) he puts into the job.  Just don’t go on the DL, Daniel, we couldn’t operate without you.

Batting Fifth:  Kevin Reynolds “StL Cards ‘N Stuff” at 1B

Kevin is very passionate about what he believes in.  We may not always agree on things, but Kevin sticks to his guns, and I respect that a lot.  I put Kevin at 1B, because that position requires toughness and fortitude.  The first baseman has to handle a lot of action from all positions on the field, and Kevin is the guy with the wherewithal to do it.

Batting Sixth:  Tara Wellman “Bird Tales” in RF

Tara is a sports journalist, and for a woman, that’s a tough job.  Tara is also one of the most fair-minded people I have encountered on Twitter, and that will serve her well in her chosen profession.  Tara examines all sides of an issue, and doesn’t jump to conclusions.  I put Tara in right field, because she has the toughness to handle those balls in the right field corner and because she strives to be right in how she deals with things.

Batting Seventh:  Daniel Solzman “Redbird Rants” at SS

Daniel is the rangiest guy I know on Twitter, so that is why he is my shortstop.  Daniel covers a lot of ground, whether it be sports, politics, entertainment or books.  Daniel writes and talks about many subjects and he is tireless at all of them.

Batting Eighth:  Nick Waeltz  “Pitchers Hit Eighth” at P

Come on, you knew I had to do this one, didn’t you?  I don’t know Nick at all, but I do follow him on Twitter.  While he doesn’t tweet a lot (after all, a pitcher only plays every 5th game), when he does, I usually am very impressed with what he has to say.  I usually agree with it too.

Batting Ninth:  Ben Chambers “The View from Here” in CF

I had to do this one too.  Ben is my compadre in defense of Peter Bourjos.  That’s why he’s in center field.  Ben and I might be Peter’s biggest fans (Bob Netherton is a Bourjos fan as well, so he needs a shoutout here too).  We never give up in our quest to see Peter play more.  Ben believes Peter should bat ninth, after the pitcher, so as to give him the opportunity to steal bases, and be driven in by the lead off hitter.  I have put him here for that reason.  Keep the fires burning, Ben.


So that’s my UCB lineup in all its glory.  Looks like a winning lineup to me.  Take us to the Blogger World Series, guys and gals.


Thank you for reading.




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  1. UCB August Project: Bloggers As Players — United Cardinal Bloggers

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