It’s Time For Some NoDoz



Wha?  Sorry, I was napping there.  I was thinking about the St. Louis Cardinals and just dozed off.


Lost to the Marlins against last night.  No offense, no runs.  Adam Wainwright tried, Donovan Solano muscled a home run just inside the foul pole.  Casey McGehee wouldn’t have been on second base after a base hit, if Matt Holliday hadn’t played that base hit with his head up his….. well, where it shouldn’t have been.    Garrett Jones then ground out and if McGehee was on first base instead of second, that likely would have been a double play.  The third out would have then been made before Solano came to bat, and no home run would have happened.

Who knows what would have happened after that though.  The Cardinals couldn’t score any runs.  Maybe the Marlins would have scored eventually anyway and won the game.

What to do?  I don’t know, that’s Mozeliak’s job.  I just watch em, I don’t fix em.  That is I watch them as long as I can stay awake.  Or until catatonia sets in.

Has anyone checked some of these guys for a pulse lately?

It’s just sad, it really is.  Such promise at the start of the season and we now have this.  Whatever this is.  It doesn’t look much like a baseball team.  I look forward to watching some of the Little League World Series, where I might actually see some baseball worth watching.  I mean, there is a girl pitcher and everything.  There is also some baseball being played in Memphis, I hear.  Need to watch more of that.

One more game in Miami.  Justin Masterson is pitching.  Can’t wait to see what brilliant lineup Mike Matheny comes up with.  Well, yes I can, that was just sarcasm.  Need to see more of Daniel Descalso…….nope, more sarcasm.   I got nothing.

San Diego Padres back at Busch Stadium.  Already lost a series to them.  That doesn’t look promising.  Reds at Busch after that.  Maybe we can stir up some of that rivalry.  Get the competitive juices flowing. Stick pins in some Brandon Phillips dolls.  Wait, he’s on the DL.  Never mind.  Joey Votto?  DL also.  Johnny Cueto?  He might not pitch in that series.  I give up.

The thing is, fans are getting pretty tired of this team and its underachieving.  Blame Matheny, blame Mozeliak, blame John Mabry, blame (insert player here), it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that this team is boring, lifeless, and they stink (not the malodorous type, the you play baseball not so very good type).  Only so many ground ball outs a person can tolerate before the eyes glaze over.

Yeah, yeah, there is still plenty of baseball left to play, and we are not that far out, and yada, yada, yada.  I get it.  Have to keep the hopes up that the savior (or saviors) will ride in on the white horses and save the day.  Huzzah!

I am about cheerleaded out I have to tell you.  My positiveliness (I make up words, it keeps me awake) is about to run dry.  So sue me, I’m a lawyer and I need the work.

Now, about that girl pitcher………



Thank you for reading.




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  1. bw52

     /  August 13, 2014

    This team is lifeless,heartless and plays uninspired baseball.A bunch of robotic non-entities with little personality.A reflection of their robotic manager.


  2. Laura michaels

     /  August 13, 2014

    I love your posts. Last night I was so bored during the game I was searching 80’s players on YouTube to see what they look like now. I think Danny Cox is my favorite!



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