Groans and Facepalms

Last night’s game was unsatisfactory.

Lance Lynn wasn’t that bad really.  He only gave up 2 runs in 6 innings, which is a quality start.  No, the rest of the field, on both offense and defense, were the culprits here.  The Cardinals made 3 errors, 3.  The offense managed only 6 hits, only one of the extra base variety (a double by Matt Carpenter).  They struck out 11 times, 2 each by Matt Adams, A.J. Pierzynski, Allen Craig and Jon JayJason Motte gave up his 7th home run in 21 innings pitched this season.

The worst offense in baseball outplayed the second worst offense in baseball.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  The Cardinals’ much vaunted powerhouse with RISP in 2013 has become a pathetic shell of its former self.  The cause of its demise is unknown.  Allen Craig has been replaced by a pod person.  Highly touted offensive prospect Oscar Taveras has hit sluggishly with playing time allotted in fits and starts.  Kolten Wong has been streaky.  Matt Holliday has had his usual slow start but is showing signs of his also usual second half resurgency.  However, his propensity to hit into a lot of double plays has not waned.  Jhonny Peralta‘s power has disappeared, and Matt Adams’ power comes and goes.  Matt Carpenter is the same, and so is Jon Jay (his inability to hit his way past first base has remained the same as well).  The ingredients for an offense to be proud of just aren’t there or are in hiding.

To ice the cake with flourish, the Cardinals have a bad manager and a general manager who appears to be enabling the bad manager.

How have the Cardinals managed to stay in contention, you ask?  Pitching and improved defense (though one wouldn’t have known it last night).  The defense would be even better if part of that improved defense wasn’t pulling splinters out of his backside on the bench, but I digress.  The pitching has begun to falter some, what with the injury to Michael Wacha, and the unexplained regression of Shelby Miller.  There is hope for an addition to the pitching in the next few days, and Shelby Miller’s last start was much improved.  The pitching and the defense (the part that actually plays) will have to knuckle down and kick it up a notch in the remainder of the season if the offense doesn’t come around soon.

The bad manager we’re stuck with.

It’s put up or shut up time.  The Cardinals have an opportunity to really make a mark on this season this week, but their performance last night doesn’t bode well.  The NL Central is a three horse race (maybe four) so the kind of playing the Cardinals exhibited last night is not going to cut it.  No more errors by the defense.  Pitching has to maintain or get better.  I can’t say whether there is any hope for the offense, we have been waiting all season for it.

It shouldn’t be that hard.  It’s the Padres for Pete’s sake.


Thank you for reading.


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  1. laura

     /  July 30, 2014

    I had to leave the game last night in the 5th inning as I couldn’t stand to watch any longer. One thing that bothered me is the team looks serious and unhappy. With the exception of Jon Jay and Waino, the whole team just looked serious and lethargic from batting practice and throughout the game. There was no spark! They are in need of a Lance Berkman who can loosen them up or for someone like AJ to fire up the dugout. Hopefully tonight will be better!



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