Twitter Behaving Badly: All Star Edition

Twitter is a mine field in the best of times.  A morass of humanity unfiltered and unplugged, expounding in 140 characters or less on whatever topic is on their mind.  When you combine Twitter with a national sporting event, where emotions are high and inhibitions are low, you need a haz mat suit to survive.  It should be no surprise that many professional athletes avoid it like a case of ebola.

Last night during the MLB All Star game, Twitter really outdid itself in behaving badly.  In the first inning Adam Wainwright committed the mortal sin of Pitching While Not Being Clayton Kershaw, and giving up 3 runs to boot.  This was a rare feat not committed since two years ago when Justin Verlander gave up 5 runs in the first inning of the All Star Game.  That Wainwright had the temerity to do this in an exhibition game “that counts, dammit” because MLB decided it did or otherwise the players wouldn’t take it seriously, was the match that lit the Twitter fuse.  Did I mention the part about how MLB doesn’t really want the players to take it that seriously, because it’s supposed to be fun?  Being both serious and not serious at the same time must be exhausting.

So National League Twitter got mad and Non Cardinal National League Central Twitter got nasty and Dodger Fan Twitter was all like “I told you so you morons”.  Then Media Twitter went to play Gotcha with the harried and recently showered Wainwright and then all hell broke loose.  Our hapless starting pitcher tried to be humorous with Media Twitter, OH THE HUMANITY, and Media Twitter made him pay.  That’s what he got for not being serious at the wrong time…..or was it being serious at the right time…….or maybe it was…… never mind.

Hating the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans has become the national pastime in the National Pastime for the last several years.  This used to be the honor bestowed on the New York Yankees but times have decided that being a baseball powerhouse in the largest TV market in the country is to be expected and hating them has become passè.  No, the hate must now be bestowed on the Cardinals, that small TV market in that podunk city in flyover country, that just keeps winning and making people ANGRY.  The anger is multiplied by the media labeling Cardinals fans the best fans in baseball, which moniker has now been modified by eliminating the middleman media and calling it “Self Imposed Best Fans in Baseball”.  Neat, how that is done, huh?   It’s pretty easy when you are motivated enough and you have either a short or convenient memory.

In any event, as luck would have it, both All Star Cardinal pitchers (Pat Neshek pitched later in the game) were responsible for all 5 runs scored by the American League.  As perfect storms go, this was the most perfect for Cardinals haters everywhere.   Shangra-La as it were.  Twitter didn’t shirk it’s Cardinal hating duty, no sir, as this gem so aptly demonstrates:



It was a Cubs fan, granted, but work with me here.  I understand that Reds, Brewers, and Dodgers fans were in rare form as well, but I didn’t want to go searching for any of those tweets because I have already showered this morning.

Honestly, I think this is all pretty hilarious.  I’ve learned to accept and embrace the Cardinal hate, because it means it was earned by continuing to win.  When it all stops is when I will be sad.

I just hope Waino doesn’t take it too hard.  A nicer, kinder man couldn’t be found anywhere.   He may have to reserve his humor in the future for those of us who understand it, however.

We still love you Waino.  Don’t ever go near Twitter.


Thank you for reading.



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  1. bw52

     /  July 16, 2014

    The hell with them.A Cub fan saying anything pertaining to baseball is a laugh in itself.So mebody needs to tell the Dodgers fans that baseball games have 9 innings and all the Dodger fans don`t have to leave in the 7th inning at home.Just remember MG when you think of a lot of nutty fans out say this when you think of them “you can`t fix stupid”



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