It’s Make or Break Time

The news about Yadier Molina‘s injury was the capper on an already bad day.  Perhaps I should say an already bad season.  The Cardinals offense had kicked it up a notch at the beginning of the Pirates series, but I have learned to be cautious.  Let’s just say I have trust issues with this team.  The Cardinals were headed into the possibility of a four game sweep of one of our NL Central rivals in an important week of baseball and then the bomb was dropped that the glue that held this team together (such as it was) was lost for possibly the remainder of the season.  It was our worst nightmare come true.  Add to that some frustrating personal issues, and my day was about as bad as it could get.

Losing the fourth game of the series in an ugly beat down was just the cream cheese icing on the proverbial nightmare cake.

It’s good to put a positive spin on it all.  The Cardinals won 3 of 4 from the Pirates.  That’s the correct way to look at it.  Somewhere in some hidden alcove of the black comedy that is my life, there still lies the ability to look at the bright side.  It’s just playing hide and seek.

So, Tony Cruz is a pretty good catcher.  Many teams would love to have him.  That is the way I have to think about it.  Perhaps Audry Perez will be a bright spot.  Perhaps John Mozeliak will find a deal he likes for another catcher.  It’s not the end of the world.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

The Brewers series this weekend is crucial.  It presents the possibility of going into the All Star break in first place in the division.  It would take a sweep to do it.  A sweep by the Cardinals of course.  The other alternative would be a place where no Cardinal fan wants to go.  Joe Kelly, Adam Wainwright and Carlos Martinez will go against Yovanni Gallardo, some guy named Jimmy Nelson, and Wily Peralta.  A guy the Cardinals usually whip up on, a guy that they have never seen before (not always a good thing), and a guy that they have had some issues with.  Kind of a mixed bag.  The potential is there for a sweep but the execution is iffy.

I am avoiding talking about last night’s game, because, well, what would be the point?  It was a beat down, it was ugly, we have seen it before, I would just be repeating myself.  I have come to see, among many other things, that I am not on the same page with most Cardinals fans where it concerns this team.   I have lived a long life working in a profession, the law, where digging beneath the surface of people is a necessity for success.  Perhaps that has made me jaded, or turned me into some wacko who sees the boogey man everywhere.  I have often wondered those things myself.  However, the truth is I don’t just accept what I see at face value all the time.  I have seen and experienced too much for that.

Regardless, I do want to enjoy what is left of this season.  Whether I will is yet to be determined.


Thank you for reading.


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