Walk Off Mania And Stuff

Two walk off home runs in a row.  That’s pretty exciting stuff.  I was especially happy to see Kolten Wong hit the one last night.  I think he has been getting a bum rap this season, both from his manager and from fans.  The kid can play, and if folks would stop dogging him and let him grow into his own, he will be a valuable second baseman for the Cardinals for years to come.

Same goes for Oscar Taveras.  This kid has so much promise as a hitter, and if he is allowed to play he will become what everyone expects him to be.  I get that folks like Allen Craig, I like him too, but he is not the player he once was.  He can still contribute to the team, just not as an everyday player, not now at least.  Platooning him at 1B with Matt Adams, who doesn’t hit particularly well against lefties, and giving him an occasional start in the outfield, is the best way to utilize him at this juncture.  If Mozeliak does decide to trade him, so be it, though I hope if he does it is for a better return than Jake Peavy.

Things have looked better offensively these last two games.  I hope that continues.  I worry about Yadier Molina though.  He is another one that doesn’t look like himself.  I wonder if the knee problems have returned.  The most worrisome part is that the Cardinals do not have another good option in that position.  Tony Cruz is quite satisfactory in the backup role, but he can’t replace Molina.  I am hoping against hope that Matheny has the wisdom to not play Yadi for more than a couple of innings in the All Star game.  He has both Lucroy and Mesoraco to use, I would use them both.

This is the heart of trade season, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see John Mozeliak make some kind of move for more offense.  If the Cardinals have any hope of overtaking the Brewers, the second half must be better offensively.  The problem is that to get value you have to give up value.  That likely means pitching prospects or someone from the ranks of the outfield logjam.  Mozeliak has shown reluctance in the past to part with pitching.  In the prospect outfield category there is Stephen Piscotty (who I desperately hope doesn’t get traded because I see him as our left fielder of the future), Thomas Pham, Randal Grichuk, and James Ramsey.  Any of these guys would have some trade value, some more than others.  There are some others in the lower levels of the minor leagues, but the aforementioned are MLB ready or darn close to it.  As for MLB level outfielders, Jon Jay would be the only one I see with enough trade value to get a halfway decent bat (Taveras should be off limits).  However, the BFIB wouldn’t like it and Mozeliak would likely have to pry Jay away from Matheny’s cold dead hands.  I won’t deny that losing Jay wouldn’t bother me a bit, because I like Peter Bourjos better, as anyone who has a pulse probably knows by now.

Whatever happens in the trade market the next few weeks, I don’t think the Cardinals can afford to stand pat.  With Allen Craig, Matt Holliday, and Yadier Molina all struggling at the plate, one cannot count on this offense too much in the second half without some additional help.  I would prefer to see Mozeliak pick up someone with some pop in his bat.  It’s not going to be Troy Tulowitzki or Giancarlo Stanton, those guys are pipe dreams.  There are other lesser but still decent bats to be had for the right price.  We need to get one.  An infielder would be preferable.

In the meantime, let’s take the Pirates and the Brewers to the cleaners.



Thank you for reading.


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