The Summer Of Our Discontent

This just hasn’t been the season most of us imagined it would be.  Coming off a season of 97 wins and a trip to the World Series, expectations for 2014 were high.  Many predicted the Cardinals were the best team in baseball at the beginning of the season.  It hasn’t turned out that way.

I am only comforted by the knowledge that the team that beat the Cardinals in the World Series, the Boston Red Sox, are having a worse season.

Baseball is a weird sport.  You can have all the talent in the world on paper, yet not see the results you would expect.  Any combination of factors can be the cause.

I didn’t watch the game last night, as I was at the July 4th fair that we have here locally.  I followed the game on At Bat, and though the Cardinals pulled out a win, it was dicey at the end.  Trevor Rosenthal, for all his successful results in save numbers, is not as effective as he has been in the past.  Today’s game did not end well for Rosenthal.  There were other factors involved in today’s game.  Seth Maness giving up a  3 run home run made the game closer.  A dropped ball by Yadier Molina on a play at the plate in the 9th inning allowed the tying run to score.  A poor throw by Shane Robinson contributed to the winning run scoring.  Molina grounded into a double play in the bottom of the 9th to end a Cardinal rally.  It was a tough loss.

The Monday morning quarterbacking begins now.  I’m sure there are many opinions about what went wrong.  Some will say Oscar Taveras should have been in the lineup.  Others will say Trevor Rosenthal should not have pitched after throwing over 30 pitches in yesterday’s game.  Still others will pick out a particular play or a particular player and place the blame there.

There’s a kind of comfort factor in placing blame.  Sometimes the blame is deserved; other times it’s just our way of making sense of our disappointment in the loss.  Being a fan is a difficult job.  It’s difficult because we have absolutely no control over anything about this game of ours.  We know what we want to see happen but we can’t make it happen.  We can only watch it all unfold.

This has been the summer of my discontent.  The season is half over and what has occurred in that half of a season is not close to what I imagined it would be.  I wanted something different, and not getting what I want is something I struggle with every day.  It’s the source of disagreement with other Cardinals fans, and unhappiness with the management of the team.  The discontent of others is probably grounded in different desires than mine, but we all are no doubt discontented just the same.  It has been that kind of season.

Tomorrow is another game, another opportunity to turn the tide in the right direction.  July is the month when trades are made and perhaps changes will be made to the roster.  The All Star break is coming up, and the short rest could breathe new life into the team.  Anything could happen to turn this season around.  It’s not too late.


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  1. I like these last couple of articles. Nails it pretty well. Mike isn’t making the best use of Taveras and I’m pretty sure the same will happen as to Wong. He doesn’t inspire any confidence from me and I have a hard time feeling like he would inspire confidence from anybody else. I didn’t like Tony those last couple years, but this is just absurd.

    I also wonder if the exit of TLR and Duncan and perhaps some of the uniformed and non-uniformed personel that has taken place these last few years might have resulted in something of a brain drain that is now catching up with the organization. At least evidence of any sort of smarts in the dugout or behind the scenes is not readily apparent.


  2. Laura Michaels

     /  July 5, 2014

    Well written! Thank you for putting into words what’s on all of our minds.

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  3. blingboy

     /  July 6, 2014

    Another thing to consider is the number of players whose performance is down from last season. And at the same time, none whose performance is up. That seems a bit much to chalk up to chance. It seems like what happens in some other kind of business when there is a demoralized workforce. Everybody’s production declines and it is pretty much impossible to get any positive synergy going. If so, I am sure it is due to a combination of factors. I don’t think Mike is part of that problem so much as I don’t see him as being part of the solution. His formulaic approach and stolid makeup are not right for that sort of situation. In that light, it could all be laid at Mozeliak’s feet, having made roster construction decisions which have ultimately put Matheny in a situation that he is not cut out to handle successfully.


    • If the team is demoralized, and I am not saying they are, do you seriously think they got there on their own? In my experience, if a workforce is demoralized, it is usually caused by the person who is in charge of directing them. In this case that would be Matheny. He decides who plays, where they play and he makes decisions in game that can affect the outcome. Mozeliak doesn’t do any of that. He is akin to the personnel director, the one who hires the people and then lets the supervisor run the show.

      The manager is responsible for managing the team the GM gives him. He doesn’t get to decide who is on that roster and who isn’t. If the manager can’t manage the players he is given, then he needs to be replaced by someone who can. TLR had too much power with regard to who was on the team and who wasn’t, and it created a lot of problems that shouldn’t have been created. We don’t need a repeat of that. I don’t want to see Oscar Taveras be the next Colby Rasmus.


  4. blingboy

     /  July 6, 2014

    I don’t think they got there all by themselves, but I don’t assume it is Matheny particularly. For instance, there has been something made of a lack of trust that developed between Garcia and the organization, and i don’t understand that to have anything to do with Matheny. Not a perfect example, but it doesn’t have to be primarily a Matheny thing. There could be other factors that have turned the players off. But anyway, I guess my main point was that they are turned off, not by whom.



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