The Thin Red Line

Last night was a typical Cardinals Pathetic Offense night.  It’s very sad, but true, that the word “typical” had to be used there, but let’s face it, we’ve seen these kind of nights over and over again this season.  It  wasn’t a left handed pitcher on the mound for the Giants.  It wasn’t a pitcher the Cardinals had never seen before.  It was Tim Lincecum, a pitcher who the Cardinals have known for the past 5 years or so, and he has not been the Lincecum of old for the last couple of those.  Sure, pitchers can pitch extremely well on any given night.  However, even giving Lincecum the benefit of pitching well, he didn’t throw anything that spectacular, that unhittable.

We always want to chalk up a poor offensive night to the greatness of the opposing pitcher.  I think that is an excuse.  I think there have been a lot of excuses coming out of the mouths of Cardinals this season.

It’s one thing if one or two individual players struggle.  This happens.  When an entire team struggles at the same time for an extended period of time, then it is something more than randomness.  There is something we don’t know going on.  If it is a problem in the clubhouse, we will never know it, because what goes on there is sacrosanct in the baseball culture.  We might get hints or suggestions from the media, but they are limited in what they know and are often tempted to make whatever might be going on into something else to add drama to their story.

We only get to see the results on the field.  When the results are consistently bad, we can only complain that the players are not talented, or not trying hard enough, or whatever other reasons we think we can ascribe to it. We don’t understand and we never fully will.  So we speculate. We demand that this player or that player be played or benched.  We want someone to blame, so we pick who we think that is.  Remove that player, fire that hitting coach or manager.  I do it too.  We all want the problems to be fixed, yet we don’t know what the problems are.

Humans, not robots, make baseball happen.  When humans are involved, emotions are involved.  The rational is not always in play.  The Cardinals are not a team of Vulcans.  Human foibles are the bane of mankind’s existence, and they always will be.  Whether this particular mix of human foibles named the St. Louis Cardinals can get their act together and start playing better is anyone’s guess.

Whatever the reasons are for the underachievement of the Cardinals’ offense, the time left to fix it is getting shorter.  The fan base is losing patience, and when the fan base loses patience, the result is less attendance at games and loss of revenue.   So whatever is going on that we don’t know about, I suggest there be steps taken to resolve it.  I doubt it’s going to fix itself.  There are humans involved after all.


Live long and prosper.

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  1. To be fair, Vulcans are really, really good at baseball if Deep Space Nine is correct. (Good post!)


  2. bw52

     /  July 2, 2014

    You nailed MG.Everybody has suggestions,opinions,thoughts on what to do and how to fix wha`s wrong.Yet as you say.none of us fans know the who or why this problem is happening.Yes time is running out ( In my opinon this team is already done for this year).


  3. Agreed, good post. I was just talking about the game with a Giants fan I work with. He insisted, as he’s been insisting all season during our baseball conversations, that the Cardinals will turn things around and be fine, because they always are. And I told him no, it’s different this year, though — as you’ve said — no one can really explain these struggles. As you said, if this continues, it’s definitely going to affect attendance.



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