A Plague of Moths Shall Inherit The Earth

I saw the pictures of all the moths flying around Busch Stadium last night.  All I could think of was that somebody needed to bring Matt Holliday a pair of ear muffs.  It also somewhat reminded me of the biblical story of the Plagues of Egypt.  To take the analogy further, is Pharoah Mike Matheny, who is holding the Israelites (the team) in bondage?  It’s easy for the mind to wander into such fantasies when your team is losing it’s 3rd game in a row and you are wondering why you care anymore.  I find this team incredibly boring.  A little dose of Charlton Heston in a robe and a beard exclaiming “Let My People Go!” over the Busch Stadium loud speaker would have been a welcome change of pace.

A bunch of my fellow bloggers will be in St. Louis this weeked for the UCB get together.  One of the highlights of the weekend is the chance to talk with Cardinals GM John Mozeliak.  He takes questions, and in the past I understand some of the questions have been rather interesting.  If I was there I would be tempted to ask Mozeliak if manager Mike Matheny is actually a lifelike robot, and if so, does he have another setting other than ‘Bland and Emotionless Cyborg’?  Is there a ‘Competent Manager’ setting, and if so why isn’t it turned on?

It isn’t that I thought Matheny did anything wrong last night (other than continue to play Jon Jay in CF and batting him second, but I digress into that area where I don’t conform to the mainstream thought that Jay is Mr. Wonderful).  I do think that this team needs someone to take a torch to their posterior ends, and Matheny doesn’t have the chops for that.  I never thought I would be pining for the days of Tony LaRussa childish temper tantrums, but any sign of life out of Matheny would be welcome these days.

I just can’t watch this team anymore.  There is something profoundly wrong with them.  I don’t know the answer, and even if I did I have no power to fix it.  I can only hope John Mozeliak does and will but I have yet to see any signs of life from him either.  Maybe the bloggers will get some sense this weekend.

In the meantime, I will just have to wait and see.  How much farther behind the Cardinals get before some action is taken is the $64,000 question.   It might take divine intervention to get this team back on track.

Plague number nine is Darkness.  I think we already passed that one.



Thank you for reading.

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