Jonathan Lucroy Supports This Message

So this whole Jonathon Lucroy All Star Vote video thing.  People are upset about it, huh?  I don’t know why.  I haven’t watched the video, because frankly, anything featuring a Milwaukee Brewer is sure to be boring.  Even if I did watch it I wouldn’t be upset.  Whatever it says about Yadier Molina, I am sure he can handle it.  I mean, the fans at Great American Little League Park have been trying to upset him for years and all he does is hit home runs and give them the virtual middle finger salute.

Things like this video are just representations of common ordinary petty jealousy.  That’s all.

If you think about it, who exactly are we talking about here?  Jonathan Lucroy is a good catcher.  He is having a good year so far offensively, better than Yadi even.  Defensively, he couldn’t hold Yadi’s jock strap if he super glued it to his hand.  The one he broke two years when a…….. ahem…….suitcase fell on it.   Yeah, sure it did.   Anyway, he’s not bad defensively, it’s just that Yadi is so far superior. Yadi is far superior to everyone in baseball.

Jonathan Lucroy thinks he deserves to go the All Star game.  I can buy that.  I hear Evan Gattis of the Braves thinks he should go too.  I imagine San Franciso Giants fans think Buster Posey should go, but then they think their bat boy should go because he is a Giant.  The media thinks Posey walks on water, so no doubt they think he should go too.  There will be more than one catcher at the All Star game.  A couple of years ago there were three.  After the fan vote, the players could vote one in and/or manager Mike Matheny can pick one.

Let’s face it folks, the All Star game is pretty much a farce.  Bud Selig made sure of that.  The ratings for the game get lower and lower every year, and the comparisons to the NFL Pro Bowl get more and more frequent.  If you ask me, players are better off resting for a week and being with their families than wasting time with Bud Selig’s Circus Side Show.  I might not even watch the game myself.  I could probably find some reruns of Law and Order Criminal Intent that I haven’t seen more than 5 or 6 times.  I could watch some movies I have never heard of on Netflix.  Both of these things would probably be more entertaining.

Who cares about some crappy video?  Deadspin?  Deadspin puts pictures of naked people squatting on toilets on their website;  they are the New York Post of sports journalism.  I am sure Brewers fans care.  You know, the folks who gave a standing ovation to the guy who cheated and then lied about it while publicly smearing some poor schlub who carts pee around for a living?  Before I hear, “Jhonny Peralta cheated too”,  remember the schlub who carts pee around for a living and shut up.

I hope you do get to go the All Star game Jonathan Lucroy.  If I voted for the All Star game I would vote for you.  Get a couple of Benjamin Franklin’s to me and I might.  It’s the only way anyone could get me to waste my time voting.

As for Cardinals fans who are upset by the video—-grow up.  Be flattered that the Cardinals are such a good organization and so dominates the NL Central that teams like the Brewers feel the need to make ridiculous videos to try to drum up some interest in them.  Yadier Molina might even hit some dingers in Miller Park the next time the Cardinals are there.


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