I Don’t Do Cookie Cutters

I’ve been a non-conformist all of my life.   My mother used to tell me stories about how I never did anything like the rest of the kids my age did.  Her favorite one was about how I started to talk.  She said I didn’t say a word for a long time past the time when I should have at least made googly noises like most kids my age.  No “ma-ma”  or “da-da” from me.  I was completely mute.  She was so worried that she even asked the doctor about me.  He told her not to worry, that I would talk when I was ready.  So she waited, and then she waited some more.  Not a word or noise escaped my lips.  Then one day, I was outside in the back yard with my mother and I walked over toward our next door neighbor, Dean.  I stood in front of him and opened my mouth and out came ” How are you today, Dean”?    My mother was flabbergasted.  Dean was flabbergasted.  I apparently was unmoved, or so my mother says.  After that day, my mother would tell that story to anyone who would listen, about how I would not talk, would not say a word, until I could talk in complete sentences.  Well, what’s the point of talking if you are going to sound like an idiot?

I have stayed a non-conformist to this day.  Didn’t care what my classmates thought about me, laughed at all attempts to poke fun at me because I did not conform in school.  Did my own thing, set goals for myself, and worked to accomplish them.  Don’t get me wrong, I had failures along the way, my life has not been smooth sailing.  I have had my moments of self-doubt.  I have never felt like I needed to be what someone else wanted me to be, or behave in a manner that I didn’t think was right for me, just to be popular.  “Go along to get along” has never been part of my personal philosophy.  Of course, that resulted in people who just never cared for my personality.  My smart alek, sarcastic mouth never helped either.

So what does this all have to do with baseball?  I think about baseball just like I think about everything else in my life.  I don’t conform to the mainstream.  My baseball opinions sometime set people’s teeth on edge.  I say things that other baseball fans don’t like.  I don’t go along to get along.

If I don’t like something I say so, even if I am the only one who doesn’t like it.  If I like something that the majority of fans don’t like, I say that too.  My follower count on Twitter fluctuates on an hourly basis.  I say something someone doesn’t like, down it goes.  Whatever.  People have the right not to subject themselves voluntarily to things they find irritating or unpleasant.  I would do the same.

I can’t like every player on the Cardinals just because they are on the Cardinals.  I don’t think every player on the roster is a good player.  I can’t like Mike Matheny just because he is the Cardinals manager, or because the players like him, or because he is good-looking, or for any other non baseball related reason.  I can’t be supportive of everything Cardinals if I truly don’t like it.  I can’t be that false to myself.

If I make people angry by what I say on Twitter, or some Cardinals forum, or on this blog, I can’t worry about that.  Sure, I want people to read my blog, but if a person feels they can’t read what they don’t like and don’t agree with, well, that is their prerogative.  I think that philosophy stunts a person’s growth and leads to narrow-mindedness, but I don’t rule the world and tell other people what to think.

If you are reading this, and wonder what provoked it, let me just say that I have been told on more than one occasion recently that I needed to start writing more “feel good”  “rah-rah” pieces on my blog if I want people to read it.  I was told I needed to not talk disparagingly about certain players that other people liked.  I was not aware apparently that discussing the baseball shortcomings of certain players was “disparaging” them.  I am supposed to say good things about all players (or at least the ones who have been around for a while and are well liked by others).  I am supposed to conform to the mainstream.

Not going to happen.  Sorry.



Thank you for reading.



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  1. It’s admirable that you will always speak your mind on the Cardinals. And I must have missed the official Cardinals blogger rule book as well. Thought the point of having your own site was the freedom to share your own opinions.



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