A Visit to Bleak House

The Cardinals pulled off a sweep against the Nationals over the weekend.  In all honesty, I didn’t think they could do it.   The Nationals didn’t put up much of a fight to my way of thinking, which surprised me given the fact that they are fighting for first place in their division.  The Cardinals’ pitching has been top notch lately, which accounts for the success; the offense still hasn’t looked like it should or could look given the talent it has on paper at least.

Matt Adams came roaring back from his DL stint with 3 home runs during this series.  The sudden surge in power is welcome, but whether it sticks around is another question.  I sound skeptical because this team has given me every reason to be so.  Let’s face it, this team has been a poor copy of the team we all thought we had at the beginning of the season.  Pitching has kept them in it thus far, and at some point, the pitching is going to falter.

Tonight the Cardinals start a 3 game series against the Mets.  The ace of the pitching staff will not take his regular start during this series because of a sore elbow, so the pitching is already starting this series with one hand tied behind it’s back.  An iffy Carlos Martinez and whatever assortment of the bullpen is called upon afterwards will have to muddle it’s way through tonight’s game.  If the offense doesn’t do it’s job it could be an ugly game.  The Mets, despite their shortcomings, have always given the Cardinals headaches.

I won’t prevaricate folks, I sound pessimistic because I am.  Despite the weekend sweep against the Nats, I still don’t like this team very much.  The offense is weak and the pitching is teetering on the precipice.  The manager is a whole other issue unto himself.  I don’t like Mike Matheny; I won’t lie about that.  The man is clueless and he does more harm than good.  I truly believe this team more often than not wins games in spite of his attempts to muck them up.  I could write pages on what Matheny does to harm this team, in fact I think I already have.  I won’t do it again, at least not here in this post.

Then there is the issue of how poorly the roster is put together.  This is John Mozeliak’s fault.  Too many outfielders coming and going, a weak bench, an unstable bullpen.  Too many choices for a  clueless manager spells disaster.

Yes, I am unhappy with this team.  This has been one of the most stressful seasons for me in recent memory.  In some respects it is even worse than 2007, and I thought that one was pretty bad.  There is still plenty of season for it to get better.  That relies in large part on John Mozeliak doing his part to fix the roster.  I don’t hold out much hope for Matheny; he just needs less choices and less leeway to screw things up.  Whether that can be accomplished remains to be seen.

In the meantime, I am having no fun at all watching the games and even less fun writing these posts.  I sound like Oscar the Grouch and feel like him too.  When I can’t get excited about a sweep of the Nationals, there is definitely something wrong with me.  Maybe I just need a break to get some perspective.  That is something that may be coming, depending on how the next few weeks shake out.  I don’t discount the idea that my attitude is part of the problem.

Let’s take out the Mets and then the Phillies and then maybe I will get a better outlook.



Thank you for reading.



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