Oh Offense, My Offense

I am happy the Cardinals won last night.  I have to get that out there first and foremost lest anyone mistake my fandom for being less than what it is.  I live and breathe the Cardinals.  Anyone who knows me well knows that.   I so wanted the win for Wainwright even more, because he has certainly pitched his butt off and not gotten a win he deserved; getting a win when he didn’t pitch his best is more than enough compensation in my opinion.  Of course, I don’t put a whole lot of stock in pitching wins as a measure of performance, but other people do, so for that reason Wainwright deserved the win.

You knew there was a “but” in all of this though, didn’t you?  I pretty much telegraphed it in my first few sentences.  The “but” is that the offense was pitiful, pitiful.  If the opposing team hadn’t been the Rays, that game could have been ugly.  In my last post I talked about how the Cardinals in the past have played down to their competition.  I want to believe that is what they did last night; however, I have been wondering for some time now if the Cardinals are in fact playing to their level of talent after all.  It’s hard to believe given what we have seen out of many of these hitters for the last two seasons.  I don’t want to believe it, but there doesn’t seem to be any change after more than two months of play in the lacklusterness of this offense.

I don’t know the answer to why the Cardinals offense doesn’t take off.  I keep waiting for it.  I keep hoping they figure it out.   I have to assume lots of video is watched, so if there are hitters doing something different, or pitchers pitching differently to the hitters than they have in the past, I would hope such things would be noticed and adjustments made.  If there are other issues involved, I would hope those who have the power to make any needed changes will make them.  I hope a lot of things.

Hope is all I have.  Hope, and this blog, where I can express my frustrations to the infinitesimal part of the world that reads it.  I could stop watching the games and find something else to occupy my time, but that is not an option I want to contemplate.  I know a few people in my life who think that isn’t the worse thing I could do.

So I just wait for the offensive surge to happen.  I wait, and I wait, and I continue to wait.  Just one of those games, I keep telling myself, one of those blowout games where the offense just runs amok.  I want to believe this offense is capable of one of those.   I do so want to believe.

It has to happen, right?



Thank you for reading.

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