Qué Será Será

If someone had told me before the weekend started that the Cardinals were going to take 2 of 3 from the Toronto Blue Jays, and that those 2 games would be back to back shutouts, I would have told that someone that they needed to lay off the mushrooms, because they were delusional.  After the Cardinals lost 3 of 4 to the Royals last week, I couldn’t have been more down on this team.  The team was listless and undirectional.

Something apparently happened in Toronto.   What remains to be seen is whether that something carries forward into the remaining games.  The next two games against Tampa Bay may tell the tale.  The Rays are much like the Royals, struggling and in last place in their division.  Even in their better playing days, the Cardinals have always had a tendency to play down to their competition level.

Offense is going to be the key here, with the Cardinals’ two best starters pitching both these games.  Assuming both Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha are on their game in these two contests, the offense is going to have to make an appearance and not leave them hanging, as they have in the past.  The Rays two starters are Jake Odorizzi, a 24 year old in his first full season with the Rays, after coming over from the Royals in the James Shields trade in December of 2012.  Only one Cardinal has ever faced this young right hander, Peter Bourjos, who is 0 for 2 against him.   The second starter for the Rays is Eric Bedard, a lefty that the Cardinals are familiar with from his 2012 season with the Pittsburgh Pirates and his 2013 season with the Houston Astros.  The Cardinals have hit well against Bedard in the past, going .333 against him as a team.  Both Allen Craig and Yadier Molina have 2 home runs against Bedard.

After the two games in Tampa Bay, the Cardinals return to St. Louis for a ten game home stand against 3 teams from the NL East, the Nationals, the Mets and the struggling Phillies.  A good showing during this home stand will bode well and help prepare them for the following ten game road trip to the West.

It is past time for the Cardinals to get their mojo going.  If what happened in Toronto this past weekend is a sign of better times, then I couldn’t be happier.  However, I have been fooled into believing in a turnaround before, only to be disappointed.  This team has to find it’s offensive rhythm consistently, and not just in fits and starts.  A more consistent lineup would help, as I have argued time and time before.  Mike Matheny seems not to agree.  There is much that Matheny and I don’t agree on, and since I am not the manager my agreement is not required.  If the team can put it together despite the where’s the ball lineups, all the better.

I don’t want to come back in here in a couple of weeks or a month and write another Love and Sorrow post.  My taste for melodrama is wearing thin as is my patience.  This team has the talent to do better, it must do better, or this season is lost.

Whatever will be will be.  The future’s not ours to see.



Thank you for reading.

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