On Love and Sorrow Baseball Style

I missed the game last night because I was at a wedding rehearsal dinner.  There was barbecue.  This was a weird wedding rehearsal dinner because all of the wedding guests were invited, not just the wedding party.  It was also weird because I knew no one there other than the friend I was with and the groom’s parents.  I had never even met the groom before.   The wedding is this afternoon, so I may miss the last part of the game, depending on how long it goes.

None of this is really relevant other than as a prelude to my comments on last night’s game.  My comments are that I missed the game and I am not in the least bit sorry.  Not even sorry that I missed the triple play.  I haven’t seen a triple play in years.  My friend who I was with last night was incredibly shocked that I was not in the least bit sorry.  He knows me well and knows that baseball is a passion of mine.

It’s really sad that I wasn’t sorry.  That is how little fun I am having watching the Cardinals play.  I had more fun at a wedding rehearsal dinner where I knew three people.  That is a new low for me.   Even when the Cardinals win, I am always angry about something that happened in the game.  Usually it involves something Mike Matheny did or didn’t do, but sometimes it is just anger that the Cardinals seem to have to fight and claw for every win.  That wins don’t come easy like they use to.  That once good hitters come to the plate and flail around and look lost.  That I can never feel comfortable that Allen Craig will hit with runners in scoring position, or that Yadier Molina will come through with that winning RBI.  That Adam Wainwright will pitch 7 or 8 scoreless innings and still lose.  That the bullpen will give up a tenuous lead in the 8th or 9th inning.

I have never, not once during this entire season so far, have said to myself that I love this team.  I don’t love it at all.  I don’t even recognize it.  I once thought General Manager John Mozeliak could do no wrong, that he was a wizard.  Now all I can think about him is that he doesn’t have the balls to do something about this.  Like, is there some general manager edict that says you can’t do something about an awful team until July?  Perhaps I am being too harsh, maybe there is just not anything that can be done without making a panicky move that will backfire.  At least that is how I console myself these days.

I think this team does not gel because there are too many moving parts.  Too many outfielders in the broth, not the right seasoning on the bench to use a cooking analogy.  A cook who doesn’t know the recipe and is just throwing stuff in the pot.  It all makes for a very bad meal.

So, I am going to a wedding this afternoon, and if I miss some of the game I won’t be sorry.  I never thought I would ever say or think such a thing.

That is the saddest part of all.



Thank you for reading.



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  1. baseballmania

     /  June 7, 2014

    You are right on! Enjoy the wedding!


  2. Your fourth paragraph — totally agree.


  3. ” if I miss some of the game I won’t be sorry. I never thought I would ever say or think such a thing.

    That is the saddest part of all.”

    I’ve been there for about a month now. Never thought I’d say something like that.

    Thank goodness for the second wild card slot. Never thought I’d say that either.

    We are in easy striking distance of the Crew. Hopefully Mo finds a way to slap the paddles on this team and give it a jolt.

    Obviously, the arrival of OT was a dud.



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