No Jubilance For Jeter

I may be the only baseball fan on the planet that doesn’t care at all about Derek Jeter. It’s not that I dislike him, I don’t know him, and I have no reason to dislike him. I just don’t care about all the hype pertaining to his retirement. I wouldn’t spend the money just to see him play at Busch. If I had the money for only one Cardinal game this year, I wouldn’t spend it on a game with the Yankees. I would rather spend it on a game against a team that matters, an NL Central team, or at least another NL team. That’s just me.

I haven’t watched Jeter play much. I don’t like to watch AL games, they are usually too long and I find most of them boring. I will watch them if I have a reason to. After one of my favorite players, Brendan Ryan, was traded to the Mariners, I watched him play for a couple of seasons, until his playing time started to diminish. Back in 2011, a friend who knew I liked good defense suggested I catch some LA Angels games and watch this kid named Peter Bourjos.  I did and I was hooked.

I can’t get invested in a player unless I watch him a lot. I never watched Jeter much, so he has never been more than just another player for the Yankees to me. I don’t respond to hype, which is why I am not all gaga over players like Yasiel Puig, or Bryce Harper. If I watch a player not on the Cardinals it is either because they used to play for the Cardinals, or they have a talent that catches my attention, like Bourjos or like Clayton Kershaw, my favorite non Cardinal pitcher.

So, Derek Jeter coming to play at Busch Stadium during his Retirement Egomaniac Tour, does not impress me. I will watch the game on TV and be satisfied.  I am looking forward to the celebration of the 1964 World Series team, however.  If I could have afforded the tickets, I might have gone to one of the games for that reason.  That would be the only reason.

As it is, I will enjoy watching the series at home, as I always do.  The Cardinals can do their Derek Jeter gifty congratulatory thing, and that will be fine.  I will listen to all the Jeter hype and roll my eyes, as I have since he announced his retirement and we have been bombarded by it from the media.  Then the Yankees will move on, and the Giants will come in, and life will go on.

I hope Brendan Ryan gets to play in this series.  Now, him I want to watch.



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  1. Jerry Modene

     /  May 26, 2014

    The game is on ESPN. Besides honoring Jeter, the Cards will also be honoring the members of the 1964 World Series team. Guess which one ESPN will mention during the broadcast, and which one they won’t?


  2. There is no scorn coming from me. I never said I had an issue with the Cardinals celebrating Jeter. It is what other teams are doing and the Cardinals should be no different.

    I only said I personally don’t care about it, and I don’t. I hardly ever watched Jeter play and he means very little to me. There are a lot of “big” names in baseball both past and present that I have little interest in, especially those who played primarily in the AL, which I don’t watch. I had no interest in Mariano Rivera either. It is not a knock on either Jeter or Rivera, I just didn’t watch them so I have no emotional attachment to them.


  3. Jerry Modene

     /  May 26, 2014

    I got surprised – ESPN did of course highlight the Jeter thing, showing the Musial cufflinks they gave him – but then after the next break did about a minute or so about the 64 Cards. My heart was gladdened and stayed there, at least until Gardner caught that Molina blast. (darnit)


  1. St. Louis Cardinals: Honoring Derek Jeter is the right thing to do | CardinalsFarm

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