That’s What I’m Talking About

My last post was long, so I am going to keep this one short.  I saw more positives than negatives in last night’s game.  This is a feeling I haven’t had in a month.  Mike Matheny  has done minimal lineup tinkering in the last few games.  Last night’s lineup was more in line with what I envisioned the starting lineup to be going into the season.  Lance Lynn looked good and went 7 innings.  The offense was clicking with key hits.  The defense looked good.  There were 3 stolen bases.  The only thing about this game that pissed me off was the home plate umpire.

The called last strike on Peter Bourjos in the second inning was 4 inches off the plate.  One of the areas of concern about Bourjos going into the season was his lack of walks.  Bourjos himself admitted taking a walk had never been one of his strengths.  This was concerning given the importance of Bourjos getting on base as much as possible to utilize his speed.  Despite his disappointingly high strike out rate (this is actually high even for Bourjos, who has a career K rate of 22%, not great, but still nowhere near the 31% he has now), Bourjos’ walk rate is 8%, higher than his career rate of 5.7%.  I was much encouraged by this, and it signaled to me that perhaps he was making a concerted effort to walk more.  That is why the egregiously bad call on the called last strike angered me more than it usually would.  Bourjos doesn’t need this kind of crap happening to him when he is trying to get his K rate down and his BB up.

I don’t blame Bourjos for being upset at the home plate umpire.  He had to be way more frustrated than I was, and I was pretty up there with mine.  I don’t know what Bourjos said to the umpire last night, but from what I know of Peter Bourjos, it couldn’t have been that bad.  We’re talking Mr. Sunshine here.   If Sean Barber is that thin skinned, he has no business being a major league umpire.

By the way, kudos to Mike Matheny for sticking up for his player and showing some long overdue gumption.

I am so happy to have Wong back and in the lineup.  Wong, along with Carpenter, Craig, Molina and Adams all had multi-hit games.  This is what Cardinal baseball is supposed to be.

I hope to see some improvement from Shelby Miller today.  I also hope to see a continuation of what we saw last night.

Get after it Redbirds.



Thank you for reading.


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