Brewers Series Post Mortem

Well we didn’t sweep them, but we took 2 out of 3 from the “hottest” team in baseball.  I had to laugh when I was listening to MLB Network radio on Tuesday, and one of the hosts was talking about the Brewers having lost their winning streak because they finally “had to play their daddy”.  I seem to recall the Brewers going on a similar hot streak this time last season.  They may turn out to be a better team than they were last season, but I see no reason to fear them.  On to the post mortem.


Monday, April 14—Cards 4 Brewers 0

Lance Lynn made his haters have to run and hide.  He was terrific.  Struck out 11 and dominated the Brewers like they were a little league team.  If only he could do this every game.  The offense didn’t even have to save his butt.  They scored 4 runs for him but he didn’t need them.  My little man Tony Cruz went 2 for 4 and handled Lynn like a pro.   I don’t get why so many want to get rid of him.  For what he does, he couldn’t do better.   He could probably be a starting catcher for some MLB teams.  Matt Carpenter was ejected on some bullshit by Balking Bob Davidson.  What a disgraceful umpire.

This was a fun game.


Tuesday, April 15—Cards 6 Brewers 1

Jackie Robinson Day.  Tax Day.  Beat the Brewers into Submission Day.  Best start so far for Shelby Miller.  He still has issues with the long ball.  He needs to work on that.  He went 6 innings and struck out 7.  He walked 3, so there is room for improvement there.  The offense helped him out this time; another dinger for Peralta.  Ellis was back and in the lineup, and though he didn’t get a hit, he drove in 2 of the runs.  Nice to have him back.  Craig is starting to show signs of life.


Wednesday, April 16—Cards 1 Brewers 5

This is the game that prompted my last post.  So much wrong happened.  The first wrong thing was the lineup.  Why in the name of all that is holy Matheny insists on putting the worst possible defense out on the field for a game is an eternal mystery to me.  He can’t be that clueless.  So you have to give guys days off, I get that, but of the 5 bench guys to choose from he has to pick the two worst defenders to start in the same game?  With an already lacking defense in Holliday, Craig and Adams?  Well, we all saw what the defense got us.  Poor Seth Maness got saddled with 3 ERs he didn’t deserve.  Even Matheny admitted after the game that Peralta should get an error for not catching that line drive.  He didn’t, then he did, then he didn’t again.  Excuses that I don’t buy were made.  Bull.

Don’t even get me started about Daniel Descalso.

The second wrong thing was of course the Joe Kelly injury.  Hopefully he won’t miss more than two starts.

I don’t think I have to tell you this game pissed me off.



Thank you for reading.




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