Pirates Series Post Mortem

The Pirates series didn’t quite turn out as I expected.  When does baseball ever do that though?  Lack of offense, defensive shifts and less than stellar umpiring made for a disappointing weekend.   I really hate losing to the Pirates, almost as much as I hate losing to the Reds.  Starting the season at home tomorrow will be most welcome.  So here is the post mortem.


Friday, April 4—Cards 2 Pirates 12

This game was a nightmare.  The umpteenth rain delay didn’t help.  Shelby Miller and his ragged fastball contributed to a rout.  A missed call on the base paths set off a chain of events that resulted in this travesty of baseball.  Congratulations Russell Martin, you got away with it.   Jerk, you didn’t deserve that gold glove you stole from Yadier Molina.

The offense was basically AWOL.  Bullpen was crappy. What else to say?  Nothing from me anyway.


Saturday, April 5—Cards 6 Pirates 1

Much better game.  The offense didn’t run screaming from Francisco Liriano, which is a vast improvement.  We saw many hits.  We saw another Molina dinger and another Peralta dinger. Joe Kelly was Joe Kelly, which is either good or bad depending on how you look at it.  I like Joe Kelly, I really do.  But he could be a so much better pitcher than he continues to demonstrate, and why he isn’t is a mystery to me.  Yeah, the Cards often win when he pitches, but it is almost never a pretty win.  For many, the winning is enough; for me I have higher aspirations for Joe.  Like better control, more efficiency, less walks, more strikeouts and less runners on base.  Sigh.

No rain delay was good.  Winning was good.  All in all a happy day for Cardinals fans.


Sunday, April 5—Cards 1 Pirates 2

Not so happy a day.  Not as bad as Friday not but not as good as Saturday.  Wainwright was pitching, and with the exception of a few mistakes which cost him, he pitched well.  Unfortunately, Edinson Volquez apparently made a pact with the devil, because he pitched like Cy Young, or at least the Cardinals offense made him look like Cy Young.  Maybe it was my fault, bad Karma for predicting this was going to be an easy pitching matchup.

The offense was AWOL again.  The strike zone was the size of a microchip for Adam Wainwright.  The home plate umpire might have a future with Intel.

It was a close game that didn’t go the Cardinals way.  So what else is new.

Did I say I hate losing to the Pirates?


Thank you for reading.

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  1. Jerry Modene

     /  April 6, 2014

    Good writeup of the series. My only complaint about Saturday’s game is that we let Liriano off the hook – we should have knocked him out in the first; instead, he looked good the rest of the way (with the exception of the Yadi home run).

    As for Kelly – I wasn’t surprised, either at how he pitched or the final result. The man must have his own pact, to continually be able to walk a pitching tightrope like he does.



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